Solo Exhibitions Online Introduction is pleased to invite artists working in any medium to apply to take part in a curated, online exhibition experience like no other.

A new way to sell your art online.

and pay no application fee

Ask us about financing options.

What makes this online exhibition different?

We will apply our real-world exhibition design expertise to showcase your work in a way that will equal or supersede a high-end gallery experience. You will receive one-on-one support and advice from a professional art historian with a PhD, who will curate your work and help you to communicate why your art matters to a large, international audience. You will learn the language of buyers and collectors, which will help you discover new ways to sell your art online.

What does this solo online exhibition experience include?

  • One-on-one support from your professional curator in preparation for the exhibition. You'll meet with your curator for 1 hour per week for the 1 month preparation period before the launch of your exhibition. 
  • Professionally written exhibition introduction.
  • Beautifully designed individual artist page (you can include a link to your own website if you have another one).
  • A display of up to 10 works of art, chosen with your curator's help. 
  • Professionally written/edited Artist’s Statement that is yours to use as you like.
  • Custom promotional video featuring your work that is yours to use as you like.
  • Photo editing support to make sure your art looks great online.
  • How-to downloads (photographing your work, uploading, photo editing).
  • Paid and organic advertising for your exhibition.
  • Optional sales platform if you want to sell your work (subject to a 20% gallery commission that includes web payment processing fees). Your art can be available for sale or you can use your solo show strictly as a portfolio--the choice is yours.
  • Pricing advice if you want to sell your work.
  • Curator-led live stream Virtual Exhibition Opening.
  • Custom email invitations for the Virtual Opening.

    Because this is more than just an ordinary online exhibition, you’ll learn:

    • How to write an excellent Artist's Statement.
    • How to write compelling object captions for your work.
    • How to take high quality photographs of your work.
    • Methods for pricing your work.

    Cost of participation:*

    • Ask us about financing options. (You can renew your online exhibition for another year for a fee).
    • A low commission fee of 20% will be charged for each piece that is sold through or its affiliates. This commission fee includes use of the payment features in my store. Shipping must be arranged by the artist. Only works displayed in the online exhibition may be sold in the online store. If you wish to replace sold artwork in the online exhibition or store, the work must be approved by the curator and a restocking fee will apply.
    • In agreeing to sell work through, you commit to work with us for one year. If you independently sell a piece from the store, you must still pay the commission fee.
    • There is no application fee.

    and pay no application fee

    *Terms and Conditions Apply