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Succeed as a professional artist by accessing the services and education you need.


Get the education and expert support you need to meet your goals as a professional artist.

Better Communication

Find your authentic voice and learn to explain your art's value to others.

Teaching Skills

Teach art to grow your audience or transition from in-person to online teaching.

Find More Opportunities

Write winning applications for arts grants, residencies, and teaching opportunities.

Time Management

Balance the aspects of an artistic career and make time for what matters most.

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"Jamie Kemp showed me ways I could communicate about my practice and gave me the vocabulary to understand the context of my work in the wider world.

As I became more confident and enthusiastic about sharing my projects, opportunities quickly came knocking.

I unreservedly recommend Jamie to any creative seeking to refine their understanding of their work, amplify their exposure, and make a splash!"
- Daniel Ellis

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Bring the arts to your business or school with custom programs that align with your mission.