Goal Setting for Artists: Part 1

January is the goal setting season. Have you thought about what your New Year’s Resolution will be? 

I’m going to take a wild guess here and posit that you’re a little bit (or maybe a lot) afraid to set a goal around your artistic practice or growing your art business. Maybe you’re even so afraid that you’re planning to do something crazy, like vowing to go to the gym each day instead of focusing on what you really want to achieve! 

For many artists I know, the desire to make progress in their careers is so intense that they become paralyzed. There’s so much at stake! Some hold themselves back because they’re afraid that they are not good enough to be truly successful. Others don’t set goals because they think that they can’t possibly control whether they “make it” or not—the art business is trend-driven and depends on knowing the right people, so why try? All of these fears make goals like losing weight or eating more vegetables seem like a safer bet!

This year, I think you should go after what you really want, even if it is scary.

To help get you on track, I plan to release a series of blog posts and tools throughout the month of January. I’ll show you how to set goals that you can control and that will have a real impact on the way you make your living as an artists.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, think broadly about what you would like to achieve this year as an artist.

Not sure what your goal could be? Consider what achieving the following might do for your career. You could:

  • Make art that has a stronger impact on your viewers/the world
  • Apply for grants to fund an important project
  • Reconnect with your existing customers and turn them into collectors
  • Make art that better communicates your ideas
  • Try working in a new medium
  • Try working with a new subject
  • Increase the value of your art
  • Start selling reproductions or designer goods
  • Find gallery representation
  • Become more organized in your studio or business
  • Find more time to make art
  • Turn your art hobby into a real business
  • Share what you know by teaching art
  • Help more people see your art
  • Publish something about your art

Stay tuned! If you want to share your goal with me, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I’d love to hear what you’re planning!

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Susan Beauchamp

Get past tutorials and make original watercolor paintings that communicates the world I see and love.Thank you for a vehicle for helping me move ahead.

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