About the Exhibition: Jennifer Caie’s “Transparent Shores”


About the Opening

On October 15, 2020 it was my great pleasure to host the virtual exhibition opening for Jennifer Caie’s online exhibition, “Transparent Shores.”

This was my first experience hosting an exhibition opening on Zoom, but I think it was a great success based on the number of interested participants and sales related to the event. We received over 50 RSVPs and our Zoom call included guests from three different time zones! It was wonderful to be able to share Caie’s work with a broader audience and help her to get some of the attention she deserves beyond her community in Northwest Ontario.

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About the Artist

Caie is a professional artist who lives and works in Dryden, in Northwest Ontario. When you look at her work you will, of course, see her skill, but you’ll also get a sense of her personality and lifestyle. In particular, you’ll see her true love of nature in her paintings. She is inspired by exploring the landscapes around her by every means possible: by car, on foot, with a canoe, kayak, or bicycle.

This passion for exploration lends a strong sense of place to her work—these are recognizable landscapes even if they are sometimes imaginary. Caie is also remarkable for the range of different perspectives she takes to her subjects: when you look at her work you may find yourself looking at the world as you would if you were sitting in a kayak. You might even get the odd turtle’s eye view.

Caie has been painting for a long time—since she was a girl, in fact. When I interviewed her she spoke about a time when internationally acclaimed Cree artist, George Littlechild, rented a room from her family, affording her the ability to peek in on him as he worked. She read a book about Vincent van Gogh at about 15 years of age that inspired her to buy herself a set of paints. She surprised her family by staying up all night. When she came down the following morning with a completed painting, it was so impressive that her mother refused to believe that it was her own creation!

The Online Exhibition Process

Jennifer is certainly dedicated and it has been a joy to work with her on this exhibition. I don’t think it is possible to tell, if you haven’t done a show like this before, just how much work it takes. We worked together for just over a month, choosing the theme, writing and re-writing her artist statement, creating object captions, making sure we had the right photographs, doing marketing and promotions, and then finally preparing for her artist talk on the night of the opening. We laughed and cried and spent hours coming up with the right words to capture Caie’s vision and meaning. It has been such a pleasure to get to know her and learn more about her work.

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