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"I unreservedly recommend Jamie Kemp to any creative seeking to refine their understanding of their work, amplify their exposure, and make a splash!"

D. Ellis

"I have the sense that there's a secret language that lives in the world of grants and it's a mystery to me. It still is - but Jamie is translating as we go so it's getting clearer to me all the time." 

T. Copp

"Jamie Kemp is an incredible mentor with the ability to see opportunity and beauty in all projects."

K. Delaney

Dr. Jamie Kemp has, to this date, been one of my most treasured mentors. Her dedication to giving targeted and detailed feedback makes it easy to improve your work and feel inspired to continuously question and critically analyze your progress.

T. Solbakken Saeterdal

"Approaching every meeting with dedication and enthusiasm, Jamie Kemp helped me build confidence in myself and in my artwork while seeking and supporting opportunities for me to grow as a creative individual."

M. Horne

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